- Est. 2017   South Carolina -

Our Story:
Our Part in the Great American BBQ Story


Our story is not unlike countless others. Bitten by the BBQ bug, the research and blending begin. Resources are devoured: Pages turned, websites surfed, channels clicked, questions asked, tasting volunteers sought. No unturned stones. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months into years – three years to be exact. Starting with the ingredients that seemed to pop up most often in rub recipes, a base is formed. A study of herbs and spices and their tendencies to complement (or not) one another follows, and our signature flavor begins to take form. Then one fine winter’s day, the blend that will be known as Red Head Rub sits in a small mound of fragrant, rust-hued powder.


The results begin immediately raising eyebrows. Mountains of Red Head Rub are blended, bagged and given to anyone interested. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Not only were the burly grill monsters going nuts over Red Head, but other family members started chiming in:


“Have you tried it on eggs?”

“It’s the only thing I put on rice now.”

“Best seasoning on salmon I’ve ever had.”

“We NEVER make burgers without it.”

“I put Red Head on everything!”

“More Rubber Head, Mom!”

(Uttered from the high chair of our youngest fan…true story)



We’re In Business!

It didn’t take long before folks began urging us to bottle and sell Red Head. However, we felt the market already offered all of the fine BBQ rubs one could possibly want. But when it became obvious that Red Head Rub should officially become Red Head Rub & All-Purpose Seasoning, we were off and running! Red Head is still the exotic, rich, unparalleled rub it was developed to be; it just also happens to be the most amazing all-purpose seasoning you’re likely to encounter!


One thing we’ve learned is, you better love what you do, because you’re going to be busier than you ever imagined. Well, we absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what we’re doing and we are indeed grateful for the steady growth we’ve experienced over the past 5+ years; growth that includes the introduction of two Red Head Cajun blends, Smokin' and Flaming, both with growing fan bases of their own. We have also launched an incredibly well-received seafood seasoning brand - Davy Jones - currently offering an original seafood seasoning and a seafood boil seasoning. The positive feedback is beyond anything we could have hoped for - both humbling and encour aging! We are beyond thrilled that the notice we are receiving on all fronts continues to snowball.


We are the talk of our neck of the woods, and are seeing followings spring up from Florida to Michigan to California and points between; including homes, shops and on restaurant menus. We are poised to provide instantly recognizable brands on shelves all over this great land, so keep an eye out! If we aren’t yet in your area, you can always find us here.



Condiments, you say?

With a name like Blue Wren Spice & Condiment, LLC you may wonder if condiments are involved. Well, they will be as soon as possible! Producing dry seasoning blends has allowed us to develop our core business processes prior to releasing products requiring a bit more complexity. That being said, we have an "electric peach" salsa and a BBQ sauce ready to mix and ship as soon as we can make it happen. Oh, and at least one new spice blend is in the works, FYI.



Please stay with us as we explore new ideas, new paths and new horizons. We would LOVE to have you along for the journey!